PianoWithWillie vs. Jazzedge

PianoWithWillie was created in 2009 to house all of my piano lessons. Soon after, I created several ‘microsites’ like Cocktail Piano Lessons, Rock Piano Lessons, Funk Piano Lessons, Jazz Piano Theory and Music Theory Online.

In 2019 a decision was made to bring together all of these sites into one main website…jazzedge.com.

With a Jazzedge membership you now enjoy all of the lessons from PianoWithWillie and my microsites in one location.

You’ll see that some lessons still have the PianoWithWillie logo on them, but if you’re looking for my main site, visit https://jazzedge.com.

Here are all of the sites with my lessons:

  • Jazzedge – my main site with over 800+ hours of lessons (includes No Bull Piano lessons too)
  • No Bull Piano – a smaller subset of curated Jazzedge lessons
  • HomeSchoolPiano – the best option for absolute beginners
  • Udemy – Jazzedge courses for budget-conscious students
  • Summer Piano Jam – a standalone course dedicated to improvisation and the blues
  • Jazz Christmas Music – a standalone course dedicated to learning Christmas and holiday arrangements