Is this Jazzedge?

This site,, is not the main Jazzedge website.

CorePiano is a free, 30-day access, website which features the Jazzedge ‘Core’ Curriculum to give you an opportunity to test-drive my lessons before joining as a full Jazzedge member.

  • 30-Day Piano Playbook™ – This course is the best place to begin if you are new to Jazzedge. Lessons 1-19 are perfect for beginners while lessons 20-30 are more advanced.
  • Piano Essentials™ – Learn your scales, triads and seventh chords in all 12 keys along with proper fingering, theory and technique.
  • Chord Essentials™ – Ten short progressions in all 12 keys teach you new rhythms, how to play in different styles and create grooves all with fun backing tracks.
  • Piano Accompaniment Essentials™ – Stop wandering around at the piano and learn once and for all the patterns you need to sound more professional while backing yourself or others at the piano. 
  • The Confident Improviser™ – Based on years of research, TCI shows everyone (even absolute beginners) how to improvise at the piano through fun exercises with backing tracks.
  • Standards by the Dozen™ – Learn how to play standards from a fakebook using a 6-step process. Perfect if you want to play solo piano or in a group setting.